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Heinke doing his internship in a company

Focus on Heinke Van der Merwe, professional rugby player from Stade Français Paris, who is part of our internship programme.

Heinke is an accomplished player who has performed at the highest levels in France, Ireland and South Africa, in particular representing the national South African team.

With a view to planning his future after his professional sports career, he decided he wanted to find out more about the sports and physical education sector.

After some targeted research in the education sector, we decided to approach the Kingsworth International School of Paris, which they felt met Heinke’s expectations to the letter. We then proposed a work-placement agreement, which would ensure that the school’s expectations were acknowledged and both sides were clear on the objectives.

For the school, the expertise of a professional athlete would encourage the pupils to develop those important qualities such as discipline, resilience, communication and teamwork.

So, it was agreed that Heinke would spend one-day-a-week at the school, during his time off, working alongside the PE Head teacher. After an initial introduction, Heinke now trains and teaches the pupils with his inside knowledge and high level sports vision.


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