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ATAXEN Life after Sport
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ATAXEN is a consulting firm in Human Resources specialised in the professional transitions of high-profile athletes.

We provide our expertise in terms of career management and recruitment, offering athletes a personalised guidance for their professional reconversion strategy.

Performance culture, dynamism, perseverance, rigor, versatility, learning and restitution capacity, teamwork… are all qualities developed by high-profile athletes during their career.

Our business expertise is based on 3 founding principles :




A single point of contact, available and reactive.

The priority is on attention, proximity, and confidence.

A France-wide presence.

A network of businesses and communities.


The high-level practice of a sport leads the athlete to use different types of resources, knowledge, and know-how.

This skills base constitutes a skill set, potentially transportable into another professional industry.

Laurent Laynat, Director and founder of ATAXEN

Laurent Laynat fondateur Ataxen

Convinced by the predispositions of high-profile athletes to adapt to another professional environment, Laurent founded the consulting firm ATAXEN in 2015.

Based on his experience in Human Resources consulting, Laurent has notably worked on the recruitment of varied profiles on behalf of different businesses..

After graduating from Euromed Marseille (Kedge Business School), he previously operated in the entertainment industry, which provided him with a good knowledge of the different participants in the sports market.

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Marcel Garvey

ex professional rugby player

At the end of my sports career, I wished to stay in France with my family. I then followed ATAXEN’s guidance programme towards employment for 6 months. We have implemented a strategy to define a new project and ATAXEN has met all my expectations. I now work within an international group, in an IT environment, where I thrive day-to-day.

Benjamin Richier

CEO of Com&Co

ATAXEN has requested to introduce a former Olympic athlete in reconversion to me. They had identified an opportunity which corresponded to the athlete’s project. I did not hesitate! I am very satisfied by this recruitment. She brings her determination and winning spirit every day. It is stimulating for the whole team.

Yohann Misse

ex professional rugby player

Thanks to ATAXEN, I became aware that I had a lot of assets to put forward due to my previous experience as a professional rugby player. I have learnt to put myself in the spotlight on the job market. At the end of my guidance, I received several job offers from businesses interested in my profile.

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